Ray Sell

ColorCamp Shirts

Published: Oct 29, 2013
Category: Merch, News


Hi All, Please take a moment to check out this brand new NYC Based Tee shirt company. http://www.colorcampnyc.com/
hey have a bunch of really cool tees featuring images designed by New York City artists, including a couple of mine. Thanks Ray


New York City is the home and the inspiration for COLORCAMP.  We take our cues from the art, style and unique personalities we come across in the city every day.

The COLORCAMP story starts and ends with a deep love and connection to art and photography, and with the belief that curating ridiculously cool art from the New York and Brooklyn arts scene can make for some drool-worthy shirts and sweatshirts.

Our mission: Love your job, love your creations, support artists in New York and around the world and build a tribe of ultra creatives to join in on the fun.