Ray Sell

Album Cover Redux

Published: Feb 18, 2015
Category: Shows


Palette Gallery/ArtsSpace presents a unique exhibition/charity event, Album Cover Redux. Back in the pre-CD days, doing an album cover was a plum assignment for artists. There were many styles/genres: the wildly creative design works of the 50s/60s, the psychedelic rock era, DIY punk, airbrushed heavy metal, graffiti hip-hop and much more. Artists in this exhibit were given free reign to paint/doodle/draw/etc, whatever they wish to do on an album cover of their choice in any way they desired.

Every piece in the show will be priced $100 with 20% of each sale being donated to Covenant House, a shelter for runaways. As of press time artists include: Ray Sell, Jon Baker, Mike Bell, Jason Bryant, Gerd Dagne, Kayt Hester, Jordin Isip, Jerry Khan, Norman Kirby, Jerry Luciani, Kimmee Masi, Ruben Martinez, RoDa, Robert Piersanti, Tracy Piper, Rascal, Kortez Robinson, Despina Statelova, and Megan Sullivan.

Palette Gallery/ArtsSpace is in the arts district at 716 Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park, NJ.
Exhibition dates March 5- April 26, 2015
The opening reception is on Saturday March 7th, 2015  from 6-9pm.